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What is this all about?

Hi and welcome!

I thought I should probably write a short intro to my blog for everybody who is wondering what I am up to :)

Well, I was able to get 6 months of unpaid leave from work and will be using this half year to see a bit of the world - exciting! I guess you could say it's a round-the-world trip as I will indeed go full circle around the globe but really it's still only a small portion of the world that I'll be visiting. Starting September 22, my travels will lead me to the USA, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam - and then, by the very end of March, back to Germany.

I started this blog mainly to have a means to let my family know that I am fine and since I am not big into journaling I figured that the easiest way to send a sign of life would be by posting a picture a day. It might be the day's highlight or the best picture I took that day - or, totally crazy and contrary to my blog's subtitle, maybe I'll post them both, or even three pictures if the day was really awesome (courtesy of Daniel :)) And fear not, I am sure I'll manage to write a little bit to go with the pictures as well to provide some context :)

So, I hope you'll enjoy following my adventures!

Cheers, Antje


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Day 1: The journey has begun

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Today I didn't do much except for travelling. I flew from Frankfurt to Boston via Reykjavik and in Boston, I even managed to get to my airbnb only using public transport - yeah me! :)

Once arrived, the highlight of the day was drinking Coronita followed by
an impromptu photo session in the kitchen with 3 other lovely ladies also staying at the airbnb. Since I didn't have any camera with me though, this cannot be today's photo and the airport's welcome sign will have to do.


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Day 2: Boston - I'm walking

sunny 21 °C
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It was the most beautiful day today to explore Boston on foot, which I did extensively. First I walked along the Freedom Trail, the must-do for every tourist here and afterwards I also walked quite a long stretch of the Harbour Walk, resulting in tired feet and, of course, a little bit of a sunburn... When will I ever learn?!


Today's highlight was a ride I got. This morning, I was walking up and down the road, unsure of where the bus stop is. So I asked this old man (Rocco, around 70) who was just stepping out of his house. And instead of replying to my question, he offered me a lift - which I decided was safe to accept. In the car I wanted to know if he had any tips for me on what to do in Boston and all the stranger in whose car I was sitting said, was: Be careful! :)

I still don't know where the bus stop is...

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Day 3: Cambridge

sunny 22 °C
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I strolled the campuses of Harvard and MIT today. And while I liked the Harvard campus much better, the highlight of the day still goes to MIT, specifically the MIT museum. Very entertaining exhibitions, especially Gestural Engineering (kinetic sculptures) and Images of Discovery (photography) had me captured. A close second is the discovery of Crunch bars that taste like Thin Mints girl scouts' cookies :) And I will probably have to eat all 3 bars I bought right now, because:

Lowlight of the day - my SD card just decided to no longer work, bummer! :/ Hopefully I can figure out a way to retrieve the images, and if not, it's luckily only been day 3 today...

Therefore today's picture has to be a collage of pictures that I have made at the MIT exhibition where they had various image-making stations:


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Day 4: Still Boston, still walking

semi-overcast 18 °C
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After hunting down a new SD card (Not easy! Came across two former RadioShacks where there was now only a sign in the window telling me to shop online instead... and then I stumbled upon Staples - yeah!), I explored Boston some more. I walked along the Greenway, a chain of parks with art where there used to be a highway in the middle of the city, strolled a bit through Chinatown and then went on a tour of the Samuel Adams brewery - I've got to say, the beer was quite tasty :) So much so, that I treated myself to another pint for dinner when I splurged on a super yummy lobster sandwich.


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