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Day 35: Being crafty

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Second day in Korovu and George was right - after about 2 o'clock I had the resort all to myself. But a perk of that was being upgraded from the dorm to a single room - with a hot shower, pure bliss! :)

Before everybody left we took advantage off all activities offered: coconut demonstration, fish feeding, making bracelets as well as making bookmarks. The bracelets were actually a spontaneous addition to the activity list and funnily enough I was picking up these shells earlier, thinking they would be good for a bracelet and that I should ask the guys later whether it's really possible to make one - I guess George read my mind there :)

Once everybody else had left, Pairo and I wove baskets, had a little hike over to a different beach for a swim and on our way back stopped at the other resort for a quick game of volleyball, though I only watched for fear of being clumsy and doing something to my hands :P

After dinner we just hung out at the beach for a bit and then it was bed time - a day of crafts can really wear you out :)


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Day 36: Another day in paradise

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Not sleeping in a dorm but having your own room was quite nice for a change. Had a big breakfast and then a rather lazy morning. I got a short tour of the garden and an introduction on how some plants can be used for medicinal purposes given that the next hospital is quite far away, we fed the fish again (where we also saw the blue starfish that is today's picture) and I had to pack :(

At noon new guests came with the first boat, two German girls who didn't seem too excited at the prospect of being pretty much alone in the resort, a third guest would arrive with the boat I left on. I tried my best to convince them that it's going to be great, not sure that worked... All I can say is that I really had a great time at Korovu and loved getting to know the people there so I was a bit sad when I had to take the ferry at 2.30 pm to go to my last island.

I am now on South Sea Island which is part of the Mamanuka islands not the Yasawas. It's the smallest island and I think you can walk around it in about 10 minutes. We were 10 people staying here and had a nice dinner outside with only candles and lanterns providing light. Afterwards we had to do 3 brief dancing games, had a drink and then a rather early night... breakfast will already be served at 7 am after all - whoa! :|


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Day 37: South Sea Island

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I decided to spend all day at South Sea Island and not do a tour with a boat that was offered - and regretted that decision pretty much by 9 am. That's when the ferry with what felt like a million day trip people arrived - it got so crowded with families and and Asian travel groups, that didn't feel like paradise at all anymore... So all day I was trying to just avoid people, lying in a hammock, reading a book.

But it wasn't all bad. At lunch they had a group of singers and dancers from the mainland which I quite liked and in the early afternoon some groups already left so it got much quieter and over tea time I enjoyed a nice chat with the other guys who stayed at the island.

I was supposed to take the ferry back to Viti Levu at about 5 pm and when the time came they filled 2 boats and took about 60 people over to the ferry which then was full. So we had to wait for the next one for the remaining people, another 2 boats full. We were all in the boats waiting to be shipped over to the ferry when we got word that there is no room on the next ferry either... so we all got off again and waited for the next ferry. That luckily worked out and I finally left the island by 6.30 pm. I have to say I was a tiny bit cranky after this ordeal (was wearing a not quite dry bikini which didn't help) and was glad to have beers with Helen, whom I met at my island round trip and who was back in Nadi as well - and it turned into a fun evening.


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Day 38: Taking the bus

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Final day in Fiji and Helen, Manuel, a guy from Germany, and I ventured into the town of Nadi - using the local bus, ver adventurous :) The buses all have no windows and the bell you ring to signal you want to get off are bicycle bells with a string attached to them. A fun ride and probably the best part about going into town as Nadi is rather small and there is not much to see. Though we did visit the largest Hindu temple in the southern hemisphere that happens to be in Nadi. We could borrow sarongs to make us respectable looking enough for the temple and then we had to go in barefoot which I found quite challenging as the ground was scorching hot. But it was interesting and a really colourful place - and today's OPAD ;)

Afterwards we went for a quick lunch and then wanted to take the bus back at 2 pm because the people at the hostel's reception told me I needed to be at the airport 3 hours prior to my flight - which seemed pretty ridiculous to me as the airport is tiny but who knows... Turned out though there was no bus at 2 pm because the bus driver apparently had to get lunch?! So we ended up sitting in the "air conditioned" bus for about an hour waiting for the bus driver to show up. The local people didn't seem too happy about it either...

I started to get a little nervous about my flight when we only left town at 3 pm as that meant I'll only be at the airport 2 hours before my flight which I knew in my head should be absolutely fine but the reception people really got to me. But of course everything went perfectly fine and I probably avoided the long lines by showing up "late" at the airport :) And now I am in Melbourne!


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Day 39: Melbourne without a plan

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Today I delved into Melbourne without any real plan given that I cannot do my due diligence because my Kindle broke and the internet at my hostel is more than patchy so any research is rather painful. But I overheard a couple at breakfast that you can walk into the city from where I am staying, apparently a great walk, so that is what I did :)

On my way I passed the Royal Botanical Garden and met Lissa from the US who was also headed there and so the two of us strolled the gardens for a while - really lovely! Today's picture is of the Rose Pavillion, which I found quite charming.

We parted ways afterwards and I continued towards the centre, first stop tourist information to gather intel on what to do in the next few days... semi-successful, I'd say. I ended up walking around a bit, taking the city circle tram and then I just couldn't resist hitting the shops - and that's how I spent the rest of my afternoon, not buying much though. My backpack has a limited capacity after all :)


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