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Day 30: Fiji Experience

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The third day of our round trip started with a short tour of the capital of Suva. Afterwards we drove to a part of Fiji where there's almost no tourism and visited a village to experience the real Fiji. We had to put on sarongs, were greeted with a flower necklace and then took a part in a traditional welcoming ceremony - with more kava. This was all held in the Fijian language and we had a translator, I honestly felt a bit weird through all of this. But afterwards it got less strange because people did speak English and showed us how you can cook things in a piece of bamboo and we then had really great food that the women of the village had prepared for us... eating with our bare hands, oh my ;)

The next stop was at the school where the kids put on quite a show of traditional singing and dancing for us. They were so enthusiastic and really enjoyed performing, just great! And they all wanted to be in our pictures - so cute!

Afterwards we did a little tour down the river on a bamboo float which was fun too and finally, once we dried off and changed back into our respectable clothes, we had a goodbye ceremony and were off again to our next hotel.

I am not really a fan of this human spectacle kind of thing, but everyone was so nice, the kids simply adorable so that I had a great time after all.



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Day 31: Let's get dirty

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Last day of our trip around Viti Levu. We first went to Lautoka, the second largest city here, where we had some time to walk around the centre and get lunch.

And then it was off to the mud pools! We covered ourselves in the mud, let it dry, rinsed it off in one natural pool, then proceeded to another pool that was so hot that I started thinking maybe cannibalism didn't stop here after all and the grand finale was a massage with coconut oil - very relaxing!

In the afternoon we were back at Nadi and I finally had wifi again, totally looking forward to uploading my daily pictures - only to realise that I forgot my camera on the bus! Luckily the people from Feejee Experience had already found it and were super helpful and sent someone over to my hostel so that I am now happily reunited with my camera and can flood you with my adventures of the past 4 days :)

For today I was only to post a picture from the mud pool but I am so happy to have my camera back that that has to be included as well ;)



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Day 32: Yasawa Islands

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Today I started my little island hopping tour - with a pick-up at 7.15 am and then a 5 hour boat ride to the furthest island I could possibly go... So now I am on Tavewa island at Coral View and it's not bad :)

Since my Kindle died on me after 6 years of loyal service, I picked up the only book from the reception I can understand and just read at the beach for a bit. And in the water here there is actually fish swimming with you - crazy! :)

Before dinner, Jennifer, a girl who is staying here as well, and I decided to do this hike up the mountain from where you are supposed to have a great view of the sunset. I foolishly thought it will be ok to do that in flip flops (did I not learn anything from our last trek?!) and so we went, up the steepest trail I've ever walked, in flip flops... We actually were a little too early for the sunset but the view was stunning nonetheless and we still had daylight for the even worse way down, which was a really good thing, I think. I was so glad once we were down again, I am clearly not made for mountainous terrain... though maybe the right shoes might have made a difference, just maybe ;)


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Day 33: Blue Lagoon

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The day started very relaxed, just reading a book in a hammock. In the afternoon I then went snorkeling in the blue lagoon, which is where the shot the film by the same name. Snorkeling there was amazing! I really regretted not having a waterproof camera as we were swimming amidst schools of fish and there were so many different kinds, you could discover something new each time you looked. At first I thought it might be scary with all the fish so near but it really wasn't. I managed without my usual panic attack of not being able to breathe through my nose and it was almost meditative swimming with the fish. I know I am repeating myself, but that was simply AMAZING!

For dinner we had traditional Fijian food that was cooked under the earth in a lovo, followed by a dance show. The whole evening was actually not only for the tourists but also a big party for the resort as they just switched completely over to solar power that day. A lot of the guests went to bed early (sun, sea and doing nothing can be really tiring :) ) and at some point it was only me and Luke from England left - and every one from the resort... We decided to have just one more beer and while we were enjoying that, we were invited to join the locals drinking kava. Since Luke didn't try that yet, I decided that we should definitely take up the offer and so we stayed up until 1 am (crazy late, I know), talking, drinking kava and dancing a bit - a really fun evening! :)


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Day 34: The race is on

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After a very relaxed, reading a book in a hammock kind of morning at Coral View, I took the ferry to my next resort Korovu, which is on the island Naviti. There are two resorts on the island very close to each other and we were about 10 people getting off the ferry to be brought over to the island - turned out only I was going to Korovu, the rest was booked for the other resort.

At Korovu there were only 6 other people and George from reception already said at arrival that he believes nobody else will come the next day - and all others will leave... let's see whether he's right :) I got to know the others over tea time and shortly afterwards met Pairo (sp?) who's in charge of activities and he enlisted me as his assistant to prepare things for the evening. So off we went to catch some hermit crabs (or hammock crabs I believe Pairo called them), because we were going to have a crab race and I also helped a bit with the firewood for a bonfire.

We had quite a big 3 course dinner and then it was time for the race! ;) Each of us had to pick a crab and write a number on it's shell and then all crabs were placed in the middle of a circle and the winner was whose crab got out of the circle first. We did elimination rounds and I only lasted until the third one even though I had some intel on what to look for in a racing crab ;) Then we started the bonfire and - I am sure you already guessed it - there was of course some fire dancing to round off the evening :)


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