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Day 25: Goodbye USA

Final day in LA was a very lazy one, so there's not much to tell. It was overcast all day today and that did not help in becoming active. Started with late breakfast at Denny's which catapulted me directly into a food coma. So nappy time was called for, followed by doing laundry and finally packing.

And now it's on to Fiji! :)


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Day 26: Time travel

Day 26, October 17, actually did not happen for me. Instead I time travelled into the future to Fiji on Sunday morning :) I guess technically speaking I experienced the wee small hours of Saturday on the plane but then we passed the date line and it was over - magic! :)

But to not leave a day unchronicled, even the elusive day 26 gets it's picture:


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Day 27: Rain in paradise

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First day in Fiji and it had been raining all today... :( So instead of hanging out at the beach reading my book, I was sitting inside reading my book. But even with the rain I could already tell that Fiji is going to be great :)

And by the time the sun was setting the rain finally stopped so that I can actually present a very nice picture of the day:


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Day 28: Bula!

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I started my first tour in Fiji today, a 4-day trip around the island of Viti Levu. Our first day brought us to the Robinson Crusoe Island Resort, a little island that you can walk around in about 30 minutes, with electricity from 7 am to midnight, bucket showers (quite an experience and you need a lot less water for shower than you would expect) and of course no wifi. In total we were only around 10 guests on the island so we had all the attention from the guys responsible for entertaining the tourists :)

We started with some snorkeling which was great - so many different and colourful fish as well as watching two guys from the resort hunt for fish, which was just as interesting as the fish. After lunch we continued with a weaving demonstration paired with drinking fresh coconut water and eating fresh pineapple. Quite funny to see these rather burly guys sit down on a mat and weave these delicate little things like a bird, a fish, a flower... ;)

In the evening we were shown how to make jewellery out of coconuts - I am now the proud owner of a handmade bangle :) - and had some fun dressing up in Fijian dance gear and learning some dance moves. Finally we had a bonfire on the beach with some fire dancing and then just stargazing until we could no longer keep our eyes open.

Overall, a very chill yet also activity filled day - perfect! :)



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Day 29: Into the woods

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Today we went from the Robinson Crusoe Island further south to the Uprising Resort... I forgot the name of the town we're in :(

Our main activity was a trek through the forest. Our guide said it would be ok to do that in flip flops but to me it seemed to be a quite adventurous choice of footwear for the rather steep and sometimes muddy paths we took - including the crossing of a river. But we all made it safely to the waterfall where we could then have a swim and refresh after the walk. The big thing at the waterfall was to jump in of course and after a lot of to and fro and inner debate I managed to jump in as well - yeah! Not from the highest point (maybe 2 meters?) and many might think it was no big deal at all, but I am proud of myself :) The kids, who were accompanying us, all seemed to had a laugh though, they were fearless...

In the evening we had dinner with very nice live music and afterwards had a short introduction to the kava drinking ceremony. Kava is a root related to pepper which is dried, ground and then put into water, a bit like tea. They say it's not a drug, it's just for relaxation, kind of like our beer after work. The taste is hard to describe, I found it a bit bitter and like cold matcha tea others say it's like muddy water - definitely an acquired taste :) After drinking it the face goes a bit numb, though I felt it more in my tongue and throat, like after having a lozenge. I am undecided whether I liked it or not, but it definitely made me sleepy and I am sure I am in for a good night's rest :)


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