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Day 20: The Magic City

sunny 31 °C
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Today was much better. Breakfast again was fun, though today it was just me and Grandma Ada who told me about her youth, how she always fancied the handsome, tall, strong German men ;) and gave me the advice to be like water in a river, simply going around obstacles and not to stress when things don't go as planned - wise words!

In order to explore the city some more, I decided to also do a hop on, hop off tour of Miami to be able to see as much as possible as it's just too hot and humid for my liking to be walking around very much. And that made for a perfect day of being driven around, always with a breeze in my hair :)

I especially liked the Wynwood art district with lots of murals:


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Day 21: It's ok to look :)

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Last day in Miami, again great conversation with grandma Ada over breakfast :) Today she told me that it is perfectly fine to look, should I see a tall, beautiful man (she really has a thing for tall men it seems) - she does so too. She even checked with me once I got back and said that I probably just didn't pay enough attention when I told her I didn't come across any today ;)

I guess I was simply too busy exploring Miami some more. I especially liked Little Havana where I had a short guided tour. It had a really nice vibe to it with live music from restaurants drifting into the street, the old folks playing dominoes in the park - and I had really good ice cream and coffee.

Later as the sun was setting I walked along the river in Brickell for a bit which was also lovely - especially since it finally wasn't so hot anymore. Though I've been told that it actually isn't very hot at the moment here... I don't know, it seems pretty hot to me and so it appears that I am just not made for Miami :)


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Day 22: Work out

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Had a very early start into the day today as my flight to Los Angeles was scheduled for 7 am and I was very eager to not repeat the whole missing my flight disaster. Once in LA, I had all afternoon to start exploring the city. Since my hostel is in Hollywood, directly on Hollywood Boulevard, I decided to first walk along the Walk of Fame and also have a look at Grauman's Chinese Theater, that's where you can compare your feet and hands to the imprints of the stars. Judy Garland had teeny tiny feet! Or maybe she wore really high heels? Because looking at the ruby slippers in DC they did not strike me as freakishly small. Hm...

After all the hustle and bustle at the Hollywood Boulevard, I decided to walk over to Griffith Park for a change and spontaneously walked all the way up to the observatory - in flip flops :) That was quite an exercise, I am pretty sure my butt and legs will be sore tomorrow... but it also felt good AND the view was amazing! Now I am very exhausted though and will have an early night in - or actually not that early considering that I got up at 4.30 am Miami time.

Today's official OPAD is the sunset at the observatory:


But I am also including Judy Garland's imprints as a bonus ;) And it's not as if my feet are huge... and my hands are even a little bit smaller than hers:


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Day 23: Lifts

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Los Angeles is just sooo big, it's insane how far the city spreads out. If someone here says a place is close, it's probably a 45 min drive away... and buses take even longer.

Luckily I met three guys at my hostel and we could agree on what to do so that we could share a Lyft and I did not have to ride the bus for over an hour. We went to the Getty Museum which not only had nice exhibitions but also a pretty amazing view of LA.

Afterwards we went to a pool party/couchsurfing event. Unfortunately we were a bit late and the sun wasn't out anymore so we did not end up getting in the pool, but it was fun nonetheless. Once the sun was gone completely we headed over to a bar to wait for traffic to die down before going back to our hostel where there was karaoke night with free food and drinks :)

And the picture of the day is another lift I got ;)


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Day 24: Santa Monica

sunny 28 °C
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On day 24, James and I took the bus to get all the way to Santa Monica. He was switching hostels and I just tagged along. It was quite a long journey - and it didn't help that we missed our bus stop where we were to change buses and it also took us a bit to find our way back to to the right bus stop - but we made it safe and sound. :) We then had a nice afternoon at the beach, made healthy dinner and later we met up with some others for another couchsurfing event, going to different bars where life music was playing. Overall, a very nice day and I did not take one picture to prove it...

Therefore a placeholder from the "archives" instead:

2015-10-16_13_02_22.png ... or none at all ;)

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