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Day 15: A butterfly that flutters by

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Second and last day DC, again with gorgeous weather. So I took the opportunity to walk around some for a change :)

I started with a long leisurely stroll through Georgetown, which was lovely, and ended it with lunch at the waterfront - that actually wasn't quite as lovely as there were constantly helicopters making their rounds. Then I headed once again over to the National Mall because I simply had to see the butterfly pavillion at the Natural History Museum - those of you who know me well are aware of this obsession ;) And guess what, as it was Tuesday the whole thing was for free, yeah! And the pavillion was as great as anticipated, I even had butterflies land on me and stay with me for quite a while. Clearly today's highlight!

And then I walked by the Capitol whose dome unfortunately is in scaffolding at the moment (actually the whole National Mall is one big construction site) and as a final deed, I walked all the way over to the White House to stand amidst a thousand other tourists catching a glimpse through the fence... but now I can at least say I've seen it, I guess a visit to DC would not have been complete without it.


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Day 16: Just chillin'

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Today I literally did nothing, not even take pictures...

I flew to Orlando and Ali picked me up to go to Daytona Beach where I am visiting him and his girlfriend Jess for a couple of days. We wanted to go to the beach but it was closed due to high tide, so we just hung out at home watching TV and had some wine later, looking at old pictures. But quite honestly, doing nothing was really nice for a change!

So in the end I can only come up with a bad quality selfie on the couch as today's OPAD :)


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Day 17: Batteries fully recharged

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My second day in Daytona Beach was just as lazy as the first and I was treated to a premium pampering package :)

I got a manicure, a pedicure and afterwards even a little acupuncture session to treat the ailments of my sightseeing-weary body - super relaxing and I really feel like it worked! So now I am all recharged ready to continue my adventures :)


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Day 18: Beach time

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My 3rd and final day in Daytona Beach and we finally got to the beach!

You can actually drive on the beach, so we did that and then could easily set up our umbrella, table and chairs without having to schlep everything there. We had breakfast on the beach, I got into the water and was able to start on project "suntan" - because my goal clearly is to gradually acquire a good tan and I figured travelling for 6 months in mostly sunny places should make that possible for once in my life :)

In the afternoon I was supposed to fly to Miami but missed my flight by like 5 minutes... But I managed to clear the waitlist for the next flight 3 hours later and at no extra costs, so I did arrive in Miami after all - just a little later than expected.


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Day 19: Welcome to Miami

sunny 32 °C
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Today started with quite a fun breakfast. At the airbnb I am staying there is also another guest, Ronaldo from Brazil, who only speaks Portuguese. Arthur, the airbnb host, actually does speak some Portuguese but the rest of his family only knows Spanish. And while Spanish and Portuguese have similarities, they are also quite different. So there we were this morning: Ronaldo speaking Portuguese, Arthur's mum speaking Spanish trying to converse with Ronaldo while also trying to translate into English for me and I, understanding some of the Spanish, speaking English of course but for the most part just smiling and nodding :) That went on for like an hour until Arthur came to our rescue - and then we talked for another two hours but now with more proficient translation, though there was still a lot of smiling and nodding on my part.

Afterwards I took a bus to South Beach and I've got to say, this just wasn't my day :( The beach was pretty crowded as was the adjoining Ocean Drive, music was pumping loudly out of every restaurant and it was just so incredibly hot... and everything together turned out to be my personal nightmare, I just couldn't handle it today. I couldn't even bring myself to properly explore the Art Deco District as I had planned, I could only move from shade to shade interspersed with popping into random stores to cool off a bit. But tomorrow will be better, I am sure!


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