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Day 10: One of the guys

rain 15 °C
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I got a bit behind on my OPAD... so I'll be posting 2 days today, crazy I know :)

So on day 10, I arrived in Philadelphia when at first the weather was still kind of decent. I seized the opportunity to walk around the historic part of town a bit and saw the Liberty Bell! I also visited the Federal Reserve and the US Mint, two very interesting and free exhibitions, and now I know all about the US money, in theory at least.

In the evening two guys from my hostel, Tej and Arjun, were so nice to take me along. Arjun was without the wifey for one night and wanted therefore a real guys night out... I tried my best to blend in and we went to a bar and watched football and later the icing on the cake was a visit to the strip club - interesting! :D I refused the lap dances I was offered but put some money in a girls thong, which we actually got from a guy at the bar we were at earlier when he overheard that we were going to the strip club. A fun night indeed ;)

No pictures from the club, but the Liberty Bell is nice too:


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Day 11: Rain, rain, go away!

rain 10 °C
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Today was downright miserable, pouring down all day long! And it was cold as well :(

I went to Mütter Museum of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia to be disturbingly informed as their slogan goes. Quite interesting and though it was only a block to walk to get to the museum I was drenched. So afterwards I couldn't bear the idea to go to other museums through the rain, which seemed even worse now, and I opted to rather get soaking wet for a cheesesteak instead. According to reviews I did not go to the best place there is, but my first cheesesteak was very yummy, I thought - and it was not too far away to walk to through the rain :) Now my pants are in the dryer and I believe that's it for the day...

The photo of the day is of course the delicious cheesesteak:


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Day 12: Where is the love?!

overcast 11 °C
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On my last day in Philly the rain finally let up and I was able explore the city after all. It was still cold and drizzly but over all a really great day so that I have a hard time deciding what was best.

I wandered through the very picturesque old town, saw the Magic Garden which is all mosaic art where you didn't know where to look first - kinda like Times Square but better, visited the Eastern State Penitentiary which remined me very much of those lost places, super interesting and a bit spooky, and I even came across a chestnut tree with cestnuts still in their shell so that I could "unpack" them - pure bliss ;)

Afterwards I also had to check off the Rocky stairs in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, they did seem more intimidating in the movie somehow, and I did also find my way to take the obligatory photo in the Love park even though it had started to rain again by then - such a trooper ;) To top it all off, later in the hostel we also had a nice evening with all staying there just talking.

And since the day was so great, I decided to actually post 2 pictures :)



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Day 13: Eat your greens :)

overcast 15 °C
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Not much happened today. I took the Amtrak from Philly to DC and then headed over to Alexandria where my airbnb is. Since I did not feel like going back to DC for only a few hours, I instead strolled the quite beautiful old town of Alexandria. A little collage of that is today's picture.

An older homeless guy talked to me asking for my help and told me that I have a very motherly look about me... I think he meant that as a compliment and seemed really bummed about me not having kids - though it also probably was just his way to appeal to me to give him some money :) Anyways, I took this newly discovered side of mine to heart and first gave the man indeed some money and then went grocery shopping to make myself a big salad for dinner to finally eat something healthy!


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Day 14: There's no place like home?

sunny 20 °C
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First day in DC was perfect! I saw the Hope Diamond, Lincoln's top hat, Kermit the Frog and Dorothy's ruby red slippers to name just a few things :) And I learned that the slippers are actually silver in the book but on screen that didn't contrast enough with the yellow brick road so they made the shoes red instead - what an important piece of knowledge! :) I also walked around the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial, but what impressed me most was the Peacock Room in the Freer Gallery together with the exhibition Peacock Room Remix in the Sackler Gallery, both really amazing - I am even thinking about going there again tomorrow... oh my!

My pictures of the Peacock room did not turn out too well, as it was quite dark there, so instead there will be two pictures of Washington today. One very common one and one as I have never pictured Washington before - quite fit, huh? ;)



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